annag is a short cut from the owner’s name, Anna Ólafía Guðnadóttir.

Anna has since childhood been captivated by picturesque and sculptural things, not necessarily what is considered mainstream, but rather unique decorative objects, furniture, paintings and other artworks, architecture included.

Now that Anna has made her hobby of collecting ceramics and art into a business she offers for sale ceramics, glass, furniture and art, mostly from the second half of last century, as well as contemporary ceramic. The business reflects her own preferences and taste.

annag respects the environment and is interested in preservation and increasing knowledge and respect for beautifully made things from Iceland, Scandinavia, Italy and countries from all over the world.

annag buys art works and furniture, engages in sales, and provides advice in cooperation with experts if requested.

annag – for art and design lovers


annag slf.

Sóltúni 20

105 Reykjavík


Tel.: +354-8615819

September 2018 – Open by appointment only, 7 days a week